The Virginia Knights for Special Olympics have raised over $1,000,000 since 2013.





Fellow plungers 

The founder of Special Olympics, Eunice Shriver, wrote in 1986 “When a great organization like the Knights of Columbus decides to support Special Olympics, I know that God is looking after his children.” 

Minutes ago, you have reached an exciting mile marker for the Knights and Special Olympics Virginia (SOVA): 

We’ve surpassed $1,000,000 raised by Virginia Knights for Special Olympics Virginia since 2013! 

No other organization, group or company has documented raising as much Polar Plunge money as we have for Virginians with intellectual disabilities.  

SOVA counts on the Knights to provide opportunities for athletes to attend competitions, where they can showcase their abilities. Our money raised at the plunge, each year, is specially earmarked to cover the entry fees, accommodations and necessities at the Virginia Fall Championships each November in Virginia Beach. Without this support, our family members, neighbors, friends and fellow Knights may not be able to participate in the games. 

These expenditures are estimated to cost $168,000 each year, which is why we are so committed to raising the large sum of money that we do every year. 

Virginia Knight, Peter Kehoe, writes about his daughter: “Once Laurie Ann graduated from school, Special Olympics has been a major source of pride and socialization for Laurie Ann. She makes new friends, feels good about herself, and gets to new places beyond her group home and day program. Yay, Special Olympics!” 

We simply cannot, morally, walk away from this responsibility that we have taken on. So, while in Virginia Beach this weekend, have a great time and be proud of what you are directly responsible for. And know that the athletes and their families are grateful for our support. While driving home Saturday or Sunday remember the goodwill and the good works this weekend represents and consider committing to returning next year and to raising even more money to keep the Special Olympics movement of inclusion moving forward in Virginia. 

Congratulations on a job well done! 

With our gratitude, 

Pat Rowland, State Deputy 

John White, State Special Olympics Virginia coordinator