2018-2019 State Pin:

The Theme is:  Keep the Faith!

I believe that we as Catholics are called to continual conversion in our Catholic Faith, our Christian beliefs and life and our support and commitment to our Holy Father, our Bishops and Priests.

Also, the Theme can also be viewed as a challenge to us all to Never lose hope in Christ and the

belief in yourself that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind, heart and soul to do!

The name I selected for my Confirmation was Paul, as I was influenced at that time and inspired by St. Paul’s conversion to Christianity.  The State Pin is comprised of:

The White Cross– that legend tells us that the Emperor Constantine had a vision and he saw in the sky a cross (“In Hoc Signo Vinces”) – in this sign You will conquer – and then asked his soldiers to paint the Chi-Rho(the symbol of Christ) symbol on their shields before entering battle – a battle which they won!

In spite of the overwhelming numbers of his enemy (an estimated 100,000 in Maxentius’army against 20,000 in Constantine’s army) the emperor confidently marched forward to Rome. A vision had assured him that he should conquer in the sign of the Christ, and his warriors carried Christ’s monogramon their shields, though the majority of them were pagans. The opposing forces met near the bridge over the Tiber called the Milvian Bridge, and here Maxentius’troops suffered a complete defeat, the tyrant himself losing his life in the Tiber (28 October, 312). Of his gratitude to the Godof the Christiansthe victor immediately gave convincing proof; the Christian worshipwas henceforth tolerated throughout the empire (Edict of Milan, early in 313). His enemies he treated with the greatest magnanimity; no bloody executionsfollowed the victory of the Milvian Bridge.


This signified Constantine’s Christianity and commitment to Christ! Constantine experienced a dramatic conversion to Christianity from a life as a pagan.

The Dove:symbolizes the Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit strengthens our Faith anddemonstratesourtie to the 4thDegree.

The K of C Shieldis overlaid on the Cross.

The Year:  2018-2019 & Virginia completes the pin design.