Making Charitable Contributions

We encourage Virginia Knights to participate in and support statewide Virginia KofC charity programs.  These charitable giving programs, sponsored by the Knights, are also offer to you and provide for an opportunity for you to contribute as well.    



Virginia Knights of Columbus Charities, Inc., a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization that helps people in need throughout the state.  Since its incorporation on July 1, 1994, VKCCI has distributed 1155 grants totaling over $2.07 million to individuals in need.


You may send your contribution by check made out to VKCCI and mailed to Ronald P. Gorman, 116 Meredith Way, Newport News, VA  23606, or make an on-line contribution by clicking on the button present on their home page of this site:


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KOVAR Corporation is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) charitable organization established in 1971 with a mission to empower nonprofit organizations with financial support to improve access to affordable housing, job training, sports participation, and personal care for Virginians with Intellectual Disabilities.  KOVAR has provided over $18 million in grants and $6 million in no-interest home loans to non-profit organizations who support persons with ID within the Commonwealth of Virginia. 

You may send your KOVAR contribution by check to KOVAR Treasurer, P. O. Box 20872, Roanoke, VA 24018-0088.      Or you may make an immediate online contribution by clicking on the button found on the home page of this site:


Visit their Website


Fr. Bader Scholarship

The Rev Michael J. Bader Memorial Scholarship Program is governed by Virginia State Council By-laws resolution 2021-10 that superseded resolution 94-03.  The program is supported by specified funds within the state council’s General Fund and, unlike the state’s KOVAR and VKCCI charities, it is not a separate 501(c)3 incorporated charity.  The Scholarship Fund relies exclusively on specified donations from KofC and other entities throughout the State. The governing resolution specifies the level of funds that must be available for awards to be made.


Donations may be made at any time during the Fraternal Year.  Donations must be sent directly to the State Secretary.  Donations can come from individuals or any KofC entity including Councils, Assemblies, Circles, Corporations, State Council, 4th Degree District, and Ladies of Virginia.


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Our Penny A Day Plan

The Virginia State Council’s PKD (Penny per Knight per Day) fund is an accumulation of donations from various groups across the state of Virginia, who support the Virginia Knights of Columbus State’s Vocations program.


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Keep Christ in Christmas (KCIC)

Each year The Knights of Columbus sell Christmas Cards and other items to remind each of us why we celebrate Christmas. Sending these cards and others items during the Christmas season, can help to bring this gift to others.


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