Statement from Bishop Michael F. Burbidge


A statement from Bishop Michael F. Burbidge on the Beatification of Father Michael J. McGivney

For more than 138 years, the Knights of Columbus has served families, the poor and the Church with profound dedication and compassion. Focused on the principles of charity, unity, fraternity and patriotism, the immeasurable good work it has done started with the vision and courage of Father Michael J. McGivney. He is said to have had an “iron will” in his work to improve the lives of the faithful, especially the destitute. He recognized the needs of his own time and worked veraciously, with heroic virtue, to serve those on the margins of society, demonstrating to them the mercy and love of Our Lord. How great is his witness needed today!


On Oct. 31, Father McGivney will be beatified at the Cathedral of St. Joseph in Hartford, Connecticut. This beatification is a blessing for the Knights of Columbus, and it is also a great blessing for the entire Church. All Catholics and people of good will are invited to learn about Venerable Father McGivney and strive to emulate the tremendous virtue he lived out in his daily life. May all of us take this time to reflect on how we too can be so moved by our faith and zeal for Jesus Christ, that we would serve those in need in ways that might seem impossible. 


For Father McGivney, there was no feat too great. His confidence came not from trust in his own abilities, but instead in the power of God to work through ordinary people to bring about extraordinary good. The Knights of Columbus is comprised of faithful Catholics who believe steadfastly in this reality. Because they trust in the Lord and follow His call in their lives, they have continued in Father McGivney’s footsteps, faithfully serving their communities with charitable works. 


Through the intercession of Blessed Michael J. McGivney, may God help us to follow his holy example of charity, fraternity, and courage in accompanying those in most need.


In the past, miracles have occurred for those who pray at the time of a beatification. So, as we count down the days to this amazing event, we invite you to join brother Knights and Catholics across the world in praying a special novena from Thursday, Oct. 22, to Friday, Oct. 30.


Hear the Walk Humbly podcast, recorded yesterday morning, in which Bishop Burbidge devotes a segment to the Beatification of Fr. McGivney and offers his sincere thanks to the Knights for all that you do.  Enjoy.