The Virginia State Council Training Room delivers content to help you in your Council and District leadership roles.  This material complements the training resources provided by Supreme.


Check back often as we will be regularly posting new content such as upcoming training opportunities, updates, and resource guides.


Leadership Training Presentations
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Upcoming Training and Open Forums
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  • Future Leader Training Session 1  (April 15 OR April 21)

  • Future Leader Training Session 2  (April 26 OR May 6)

  • Future Leader Training Session 3  (May 12 OR May 17)

Updates from the State Training Team
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Upcoming Supreme Webinars
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Delta Church Drive

Council Growth

Enhancing Member Experience

You Are Your Programs

New Council Meeting Format

Quick Reference Guides
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Council Meeting GuidanceUsing the Gavel
Agenda -- Council MeetingHow to Make A Motion
Agenda -- Officers Planning MeetingHow to Amend a Motion
Committee ReportsWays to Vote on Motions
Program ReportsThe Grand Knight's Vote
What to do when someone "Calls the Motion"

Why should I fill out forms?Star Council Checklist -- 2020-2021

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