Before Sending a Notice of Intent to RetainNew Council Initiative
Early Efforts That Enhance RetentionMembership Recruitment
Knowing Whom You're Trying to DropKofC Membership Drive
Late-Stage Efforts That Enhance RetentionCouncil Church Drives
Membership Retention Data SheetKofC Church Drive
New Member OrientationCouncil Open House
On-Going Efforts That Enhance RetentionKofC Open House
Retention-Minded From the OutsetFriends Recruiting Friends
Retention Process TimelineStages of Life
Sponsor ResponsibilitiesPower of One
Your Brother Knights Miss You
Roundtable Guidelines (Form 2632 3-13)Supreme Knight on Membership
Membership 3R's PowerPointMembership Recruitment Training
How to Recruit Guide (Form 2769 12-11)Recruitment Blitz
Leadership Recruiting Guide (Form 9290)The Power of One
Proposer Card (Form 1914 11-04)Be the Difference
Sample Pulpit Announcement (Form 2678 2-08)KofC Heroes 20110623
Shining Armor Guide (Form 4297 1-16)KofC Legacy 20110623
Shoulder-Shoulder (Form 4355)Experience of a Lifetime
Family Recruit (Form 4552 10-04)Al Fuentes -- Why I'm a Knight
Duties of Proposer (Form 4636 12-05)Chris Godfrey -- Why I'm a Knight
Member Interest Survey (Form 1842 5-15)Chris Godfrey and the Knights of Columbus
Retention PowerPoint (State)Mike Foss -- Why I'm a Knight
How to Become A Knight -- English-FillableMike Foss and the Knights of Columbus
Como Convertirse en Caballo -- Español-LlenableThe Life and Legacy of Father McGivney
Knights Information QR Label -- English
Etiqueta QR de información de caballeros -- Español
How to Become A Knight -- QR Code
Council Meeting Plan -- English-Changeable
Plan de Reunión del Consejo -- Español-Modificable
Member Interest Survey