The Paul Stefan Foundation – Baby Bottle Campaign

Please join your brother Knights in this effort to support this Statewide, Pro-Life Foundation, that is the ANSWER to abortion minded women with nowhere to turn and need of a place to live !!!

Its so easy to help us fund the remainder of our Regional Center opening in April 2019!!

Just 3 easy steps!

  1. Go to
  2. Find the baby bottle and scroll down to see Knights logo
  3. Find your council number and click to donate

You can also mail a check to Paul Stefan Home, PO Box 754, Locust Grove, VA. 22508

Questions please call Randy James, 540-379-7077


The Paul Stefan Foundation provides a comforting, loving, pro-life haven for women facing a crisis pregnancy; by offering hope, love, spiritual and emotional counseling. Our foundation was founded through the intercession of St Andrew and Our Lady of Guadalupe.

The Foundation is a 501-C-3, tax deductible, non-profit public foundation open to all races and creeds. Our home is professionally staffed with the assistance of many volunteers.