My Brother Knights of Virginia,

Welcome to the start of a new fraternal year.  Our theme for this Fraternal Year is “Keep the Faith!”

As we Catholics are called to continual conversion in our Catholic Faith, our Christian beliefs and life, and our support and commitment to our Holy Father, our Bishops and Priests. So too, this fraternal year will be a year of Conversion for the Virginia State Council.

Remember that The Venerable Fr. McGivney’s vision was to:

  1. Change a man’s life
  2. Deepen and enrich his faith
  3. Strengthen and Protect His Family
  4. Build better lives for those who so desperately need help

Fr. McGivney was just 25 years old when he was ordained a priest.  He founded the Order at 29-30 years old. He was a young man.  Likewise, brothers, we must continue to recruit younger men and more diverse members to grow our order and provide them with the opportunities to live Fr. McGivney’s dream.

Take the first step and talk to your prospects about our new Faith in Action Programs that speak to and relate directly to our young people. Commit to making family and spiritual Programs a Priority in your Councils. Doing so will maximize YOUR Council’s visibility locally in the parish and in the community. The Question to ask a man is not “will you join the Knights of Columbus?”  The question we must ask is “why are you not a Knight of Columbus?”

Live the Venerable Fr. McGivney’s vision in your everyday life.  Make it a part of your fiber.  Never lose hope in Christ and the belief in yourself that you can accomplish whatever you set your mind, heart and soul to do.

Make a difference in someone’s life.  For when you do, their life will be changed and so will yours!

Keep the Faith.

Edward R. Polich
State Deputy