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Tom Schirra


It is our responsibility to provide our youth with the means and the opportunities to become personally committed and involved in meeting the challenges of our times to become better Catholics through the practice of their faith. The State Youth Program provides opportunities for all youth for improvement of their physical, social and moral development, while learning and practicing the number one principle of the Knights of Columbus: Charity.


Young Man / Young Woman of the Year Awards


Each year, the Virginia State Knights of Columbus recognizes a Young Man and Young Woman of the Year at the State Council's annual convention.  The purpose of the awards program is to recognize the excellence of outstanding young men and women in the state.  All councils are encouraged to submit nominations for these awards.  A complete description of rules and procedures can be found HEREA fillable PDF form for submitting nominations can be found HERE.


Kids with Cans for KOVAR & VKCCI


In September we launched a new program, Kids with Cans for KOVAR & VKCCI, that will provide an educational opportunity for our youth to work hand in hand with KOVAR and VKCCI through aluminum can environmental recycling. Each Catholic grade school/high school will be given the opportunity to participate in this program of collecting aluminum cans with the help of local Councils, who will collect the cans and take them to recycling centers for cash. The monies collected will be presented to KOVAR/VKCCI on behalf of the Council and the school at the Annual State Meeting. The school collecting the largest amount of money will receive a $250 cash award and Certificate presented at the 2014 Annual State Meeting. The program will commence in September 2013, and end in April 2014.


Altar Server Recognition


Altar Server Recognition is an integral part of the Knights of Columbus ministry. Each Council should actively promote the importance of this program within each parish, and each Council should proactively recognize each altar server. Events such as Altar Server Recognition breakfasts and dinners, or a day at the ball park, are excellent ways to show appreciation and recognition to this very important part of our liturgy.


Columbian Squires


The term “Columbian Squires” refers to two organizations: Squires and Squire Roses. Squires  is the official Knights of Columbus youth program for Catholic men aged 10 to  18.  Squire Roses is the official Knights of Columbus youth program for Catholic women aged 10 to 18. Squires Councils teach the fundamental principle of charity to our Catholic youth while providing a program that fosters the development of leadership skills, personal responsibility, commitment, time management, and increased faith through the practice of Catholicity in their families, parishes, and communities.


Boy Scouts


The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) is one of the nation’s largest and most prominent values-­based youth development organizations. The BSA builds character, trains young people in the responsibilities of citizenship, and develops personal fitness. We recognize the important role that Scouting plays in the lives of our Catholic youth. Please consider your Council joining the 135+ Councils across the Commonwealth that support the Boy Scouts of America through hosting Cub Scout Packs, Boy Scout Troops, and Venturing Crews.


Soccer Challenge


The Soccer Challenge is designed for players to demonstrate the most basic of soccer skills – the penalty kick.  The Soccer Challenge is open to all boys and girls in your community, ages 10-­‐14. The contest will take place at the Council, District, Regional, State and International levels.  Supreme Council  recommends  that  Council and District contests will be held in September/ October.  The State Championship will be held on a Saturday in October/November at two different sites - Northern Virginia and the Tidewater area.


Free Throw Championship


The Free Throw Championship competition is divided into groups by age and gender. Council and District contests should be held in January and February in preparation for the State Championship in March, held at St. Gertrude’s High School in Richmond.


Intellectual Contests


The State Council sponsors two contests: the Poster Contest, for youths from nine to 14, in which children sketch the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse; and an Essay Contest, for older youths, eighth through twelfth grades. The theme of the essay contest will be posted on the Supreme website. If any Council is interested in participating in either contest, please visit the State website.


The State Youth Program plays an integral part of the State Council’s 2013-­2014 program growth. Please make it also an integral part of your Council’s  youth program by nurturing and supporting our youth, our future leaders.


- Tom Schirra, Youth Director

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