Young Man / Young Woman of the Year Awards

PURPOSE: To recognize the excellence of the young men and women of our communities and to promote the recognition of their contribution within their community and the Jurisdiction of Virginia.


ELIGIBILITY: Any young man or woman between the ages of 12 & 18 on the due date and residing within the general community jurisdiction of the nominating Council will be considered for the award.  Councils must submit both young man and young woman nominations to be considered for the State Deputy Award.


DUE DATE: All nominations are to be turned in to the STATE GENERAL PROGRAM DIRECTOR with a copy to the State Youth Scholastic Events Chairman, Frank Guest,, by April 1, 2014. It is recommended that your nomination be submitted at the March Spring Quarterly Meeting.


NOMINATION FORM:  A fillable PDF form for submitting nominations can be found HERE.


NOMINATION SOURCES: Suggested sources are via solicitation of nominees from:


1. Council membership.

2. Priests, Ministers, Rabbis and other Religious.

3. Public and/or private schools and their support organizations.

4. Your entire community.


SELECTION AT COUNCIL: The methods that local Councils utilize to select their Outstanding Young Man/Woman of the Year (their State Nominee) is at the discretion of each participating Council.  Factors to consider include:


1.   Outstanding contribution(s) made by the nominee.

2.   Academic excellence.

3.   Involvement in civic, religious and/or school-related programs.

4.   Participation in extracurricular activities.

5.   Special achievements - Any awards/recognition received.

6.   Participation with his/her family in performing any of the above.


HELPFUL HINTS: The following steps are provided to assist you in preparing and submitting your Council’s nominations for competition at the state level.


1. Begin by making a list of your nominee’s contributions, accomplishments, involvement, participation, awards/recognition, achievements, and categorize those lists by item number and name.  Include everything that you can under each item.  Simply state the individual's academic achievement.


2. When satisfied that you have listed and categorized all of your nominee’s contributions, make a draft    of each entry and make it as readable as possible by:


a. Listing the contributions under each item or subtopic.

b. Presenting the contributions under each item, using the space provided, use short, concise statements.   Shorter is better in this instance.  Long-winded, complex and/or rambling sentences tend to confuse the reader (scorer).  The reader will score the entry on substance, not writing skill.

c. When referring to the nominee use terms such as, “our nominee”, “this nominee”, “our council”.  Use your imagination to come up with “generic” phrases.


3. When satisfied that your draft truthfully and fully presents the contributions of your nominee, TYPE (preferable) or PRINT the “Body” of the nomination on the forms provided or submit online on the state website


a. Use only one (1) side of the paper and DO NOT use Council Stationary.

b. DO NOT SIGN THE BODY!  The signature on the cover page is sufficient.


4. After the Body is completed, make photocopies of the nomination (include the cover page) for your Council files.


5. Staple the package together with one (1) staple in the upper left-hand corner.


6. Place your nomination in a 9” X 12” envelope or submit online.  (Please, do not fold) Mark the outside of the envelope “YOUNG MAN (or WOMAN) OF THE YEAR NOMINATION”.


7. It is suggested that you bring your nomination to the March quarterly meeting and turn it in to the STATE GENERAL PROGRAM DIRECTOR.  This will save a lot of time.




1. Do not refer to the nominee by name.


2. Do not refer to your Council name or number.


3. Do not use the nominee’s parents, school, city, town or county name.


4. Do not use the nominee’s pastor, church, congregation or any name that would identify or indicate who the nominee is or where they live.

5. Do not use your own format. Use the forms supplied in this booklet and only the space provided on the forms.  If you use another format or forms your submission may be disqualified.


6. Once you have made a statement or listed an accomplishment about the nominee, do not repeat the same information in another category.


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