Virginia State Deputy Steve Burnley (right) and Mike Dillenburg (left), the Culture of Life Chairman for Eastern Shore Council 6963, share a table at The Blarney Stone Pub in Onancock, where Burnley signed the papers approving the latest Ultrasound Project award in the Old Dominion. It will benefit the Accomack-Northampton Pregnancy Center in Belle Haven.

On Virginia's Eastern Shore:

"The Grace Project"

Before attempting to the Ultrasound Initiative project, our council and ladies auxiliary had participated in a variety of initiatives to support our pregnancy center. Many of our ladies serve/served as volunteers at the center and on its board of directors. Based on this solid relationship and with the knowledge that the center wanted to expand its operations to include an ultrasound service, our council approached the center’s Executive Director, Linda Baylis Spence, and introduced her to the details of the KoC Ultrasound Initiative. We determined what the center could do to qualify for the program and what the council could do to move the effort along. To her credit, she worked through the hard details of clinic certification and obtaining volunteers to operate the ultrasound. The council worked through the KoC  (State and Supreme) and Diocese of Richmond notification/paperwork requirements leading up to the Diocese’s interviews/certification that the center met the KoC/Diocese requirements. Dr. Scott, the clinic’s OB/GYN Dr., determined the most appropriate ultrasound for center. In October, the center hosted a ‘Laughs for Life’ fundraising event that was attended by representatives of every church on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. During that event, Linda informed everyone that the KoC would be starting fundraising for the purchase of an ultrasound under the Ultrasound Initiative in upcoming months. We then coordinated our marketing plan with a flyer-poster that explained the initiative and the dollar goal. These were mailed to prior donors and circulated to churches. We also were supported by the Eastern Shore Post who ran our fundraising announcement under ‘Church Announcements’ at no cost. A separate account was established for all donations and the rest is history.


Our local community wanted the ultrasound. The Knights of Columbus offered a very appealing program to help reduce costs to the local pregnancy center. The local community supported it. The project was called ‘The Grace Project’ … by the Grace of God, everyone was supportive and it all came together at the right time.


- Eastern Shore Council 6963 Culture of Life Chairman, Mike Dillenburg



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