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March 1, 2017


Brothers all:


Future Officer Training


At the March 11th Quarterly Meeting in Charlottesville, there will be all day training for council members who are interested in becoming council officers or finding out what a council officers does.  The training is open to any interested council member, not just the Deputy Grand Knights.  Training has been a big topic in the past few years.  The Training staff will be presenting an informative presentation, and will be answering or finding the answers to our future officer’s questions.  Make plans to carpool to Charlottesville to participate.


3rd Quarter Membership


Council 2473, 5332, 7877, 7992, 9286, 10804, 11323 and 12846 have all recruited at least 6 members in the 3rd quarter, they will receive a Domestic Church Kiosk .  16 other councils are at the 3, 4 and 5 member level and should easily make the 6 member award level in March.

The state council recruiter awards have reset for the 3rd quarter.  Recruiters with 3, 5, 10 and 20 new members, in the 3rd quarter, are eligible for awards.  In the 1st quarter, there were 7 winners at the 3 member level, and 7 winners at the 5 member level.  For the 2nd quarter, there were 25 winners at the 3 member level and 11 winners at the 5 member level.  Let’s get recruiting, so the list of winners grows and we get a few 10 or 20 member winners. The 2nd Quarter winners will receive their awards at the March meeting in Charlottesville.

As of February 28th, Virginia is 38 members away from our 28,000th member.  The 28,000th Knight AND his proposer will each receive a Knights of Columbus jacket embroidered with their name and 28,000th Virginia member or proposer.  Check the state website for more information on the awards.


Make March a Big Recruiting Month


March is Founder’s Month, Church Recruitment Month and normally one of Virginias’s biggest recruiting months.  Each council needs to step up and bring in those new members – talk to them at your Fish Fry’s, Soup Suppers and other council programs in March.  Don’t make your candidates wait to take their Admission Degrees.  If another council in your area has an

 Admission Degree scheduled in March, call your candidates and take them to an Admission Degree.  The longer we wait to bring a candidate to an Admission Degree, the more likely it is he will lose interest.



Fraternally, Mike Michael J. Gasper State Deputy Jurisdiction of Virginia

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