Virginia Council and Assembly Newsletters

Many councils and fourth degree assemblies in Virginia publish monthly or bimonthly newsletters, and a competition is held each year for the "Best Newsletter" award, which is presented at the annual state convention.


Every council is encouraged to produce a newsletter, because it's a very good way of staying in touch with members (and their wives!), and encouraging less active members to become more involved.


Here are links to several dozen council and assembly newsletters that have been sent along to us.  They are presented by Calendar Year.


Newsletters for CY 2017 are HERE.

Newsletters for CY 2016 are HERE.

Newsletters for CY 2015 are HERE.

Newsletters for CY 2014 are HERE.

Newsletters for CY 2013 are HERE.


If your council or assembly has a newsletter, but it's not shown here, have your newsletter editor send it to, and we'll add it to this list.

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