2017 Membership Rewards

The state council recruiter awards have reset for the 3rd quarter.  Recruiters with 3, 5, 10 and 20 new members, in the 3rd quarter, are eligible for awards.  In the 1st quarter, there were 7 winners at the 3 member level, and 7 winners at the 5 member level.  For the 2nd quarter, there were 25 winners at the 3 member level and 11 winners at the 5 member level.  Let’s get recruiting, so the list of winners grows and we get a few 10 or 20 member winners.


As of January 31st, Virginia is 80 members away from our 28,000th member.  The 28,000th Knight AND his proposer will each receive a Knights of Columbus jacket embroidered with their name and 28,000th Virginia member or proposer.

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