Marian Homes opens third residential facility for people with intellectual disabilities

June 25, 2015 - Just four months after beginning major renovations, Marian Homes, Inc formally opened its latest residential facility for people with intellectual disabilities.  The home, in Annandale, will be home to five men.


Marian Homes was founded by members of the Knights of Council 8600 back in 1996, in recognition of the need to provide community-based housing options for people with intellectual disabilities.


Their first home opened two years later, in 1998, in the Brecon Ridge subdivision in Fairfax. Their second home opened in 2010 in the Greenbriar subdivision, also in Fairfax.


The need to create more such community-based homes is urgent, because the state will be closing the Northern Virginia Training Center later this year.  It is home to nearly 70 people, five of whom will now be able to move to their new home provided by the Knights of Marian Homes.


Marian Homes was named the Community Activity Award winner by the Virginia State Council in 2013. More information about their efforts can be found at

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