Ronald Wisniewski receives his Knight of the Year Award from State Deputy Steve Burnley

2015 Knight of the Year

Ronald K. Wisniewski

The 2015 Virginia Knight of the Year has served as District Deputy, Grand Knight, Deputy Grand Knight, Trustee and Recorder and a brother Knight for 29 years. He has been a Knight for 29 years. The Virginia State Council Knight of the Year is from Joseph M. Johnson Council 7538.


Ronald Wisniewski is Chairman of his Parish Finance Council, and has responsibility for the annual budget and yearly financial reports.  He counts weekly collections and attends each parish council meeting as a non-voting member. He is a lector, usher and is often assisted by a developmentally delayed/handicapped gentleman that Ron and his wife have welcomed into their home, even though he is of no relation.  Over the years, Ron has opened his home to those in need by serving as host and surrogate family for foster children and those with special needs by providing a loving and caring home.


He volunteers for any number of committees and projects which recently included the 100th anniversary celebration of their Parish (which had various events – year long).  He has spearheaded and chaired a dinner-dance for those who have mental and physical handicaps.  He sought food, entertainment, decorations and favors for those who attended the dance.


Brother Wisniewski lobbies at the Virginia State Assembly, as well as the local level, for the rights and care of the handicapped.

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