January Midyear Meeting goes on despite an 8 inch snowfall in Richmond

January 7, 2017 - The show went on, but not without a struggle against the snow!


Officers, District Deputies and some Grand Knights gathered for the 2017 midyear meeting in Richmond on Friday night, before the storm's arrival.  They were the lucky ones.


The forecast for Virginia's capital city was for an inch or so of snow, with less to the north, and a lot more in Tidewater. But we'd already had three inches by breakfast time, and eight inches by the time it was all over. A raft of accidents on I-95, causing temporary shutdowns, kept a lot of Knights from coming from Northern Virginia. Tidewater was buried under as much as a foot of snow, meaning the only ones to make the meeting from that direction the ones who'd come the night before.


But about a hundred (of the normal 300) guys were in attendance, and the meeting was moved to a room at the Sheraton Hotel while the snow continued to fall.


March for Life President Jeanne Mancini field agent Thom Harrington. both did make it all the way to the meeting from Northern Virginia, and were well received.


General Program Director Mark Janda and Membership Director Jim Glover made excellent presentations (see links at left), as did this year's Convention Chairman, Patrick Rowland (links to his convention materials are HERE).

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