Fr. Rizer Council 6828 raises $20,000 for St. Bede's Church Capital Campaign

June 18, 2016 - Fr Rizer Council 6828 of the Knights of Columbus completed a $20,000 pledge to St Bede’s Living Our Mission (LOM) Capital Campaign in the first year.


When The Fr Rizer Council was chartered, its initial bylaws established a building fund.  In 1996 the leadership of the council went to its pastor as the parish was planning for the construction of its new home on Iron Bound Road.  They offered to fund a room in the parish facilities to serve as a home for the council and also still function for general use of the parish.  The overwhelming size of the new parish base on Iron Bound Road was so great that the project was split in two phases.  The parish support facilities were deferred until the now ongoing second phase. Fr Rizer Council participation was kept alive through the subsequent pastors until the 2015/16 Living Our Mission Capital Campaign.


In August 2016 the Council pledged $20,000. The building fund, then in CDs would pay out fully, providing $12,500 initially, and the pledge would complete with five future yearly payments of $1,500 each.  Through The Lord's Blessing and a rigorous year-long fund raising effort of operating William and Mary Athletic Concessions, conducting a charter members estate sale, and its monthly BINGO work the Council Brothers amassed funds approved a second major LOM resolution.  With overwhelming support they approved the compression of the five years of future pledge payments into a single end of year payment.


Capital Campaigns depend almost entirely on the charitable contribution of individuals.  Participation by a ministry is rare, and in fact, the Fr Rizer Council is unique in its organizational level support of St Bede’s LOM campaign.


Supreme Knight Carl Anderson made the fraternal year 2015-16 order-wide mission focus on Building the Domestic Church.  His focus is to embed the activities and support of local councils into the ministries and support of Parish life.  The Brothers of Fr. Rizer Council are widely and visibly involved in the ministries of the St. Bede Parish.

Shown are Council Award Honoree Sir Knight Don Seger, Deputy Grand Knight Flip deCamp, Pastor Msgr Tim Keeney, Bishop DiLorenzo, Trustee Tom Barr, Grand Knight Jack Tier, and Trustee Elmer Mays.

Additionally, Grand Knight Jack Tier notes that the council took the step of pledging its treasure for the Living Our Ministry Capital Campaign not out of any form of obligation but out of a family-like love of parish.  A true desire to physically add rooms to the parish home so that the full spectrum of Family Catholic life would live under one huge sheltering, supporting roof.


In approving their second resolution to compress the initial five year payment plan into one year the Brothers of Knights of Columbus Council 6828 hope their example will inspire individuals throughout the Church to compress and complete their pledges early whenever possible.

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