Forms - Virginia Jurisdiction

Seven forms are used to collect and aggregate information that is used by the Virginia jurisdiction:


VSS-1 - Per Capita Assessment Form


VSS-4 - State Convention Delegate / Alternate Delegate Report Form


VSS-5 - State Expense Voucher Form


VSS-6 - State Directory Information Report Form (If you're having any trouble accessing Virginia Form VSS-6, click HERE and submit this fillable PDF form via e-mail.)


VSS-7 - District Deputy Visitation Report Form


VSS-8 - District Nominator / Alternate District Nominator Report Form


VSS-9 - Notification of Deceased Member Form


Most of these forms can be filled out and submitted on-line, but access to on-line versions of these forms is restricted to grand knights, financial secretaries, district deputies and state officers. Access requires logging in to the secure side of this web site, HERE.  Instructions for use of the on-line system for forms submission are HERE.

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