Forms - Supreme Council


A variety of forms must be submitted to the Supreme Council of the Knights of Columbus at various times during the year. Most of them can be filed electronically, on line, although a few (such as audit forms) must be submitted by mail with original signatures.


Council forms can be found HERE.  Assembly forms can be found HERE.  Squires Circles forms can be found HERE.


Recording Form 100's


Instructions for Financial Secretaries


After each 1st degree ceremony, all completed form 100's should be scanned and e-mailed to the Supreme Council at  This will ensure that new members will be quickly recorded in the Supreme Council membership records.  Once a scanned Form 100 is emailed to the Supreme Council, mailing the original will result in duplication and confusion; therefore, the scanned copy is the proper method.


Remember, once a new brother Knight completes his 1st degree, his accident insurance benefit does not take effect until the Form 100 is recorded at Supreme.  If a Form 100 sits in your brief case instead of being immediately scanned and emailed to after the 1st degree ceremony, and the new member is involved in an accident, he and his family is out the insurance and the council will be responsible for the payment.  It is critical that Form 100s be scanned and emailed to for recording at the Supreme Council as soon as possible.



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