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Doug MacPherson


Council Activities – Interesting, fun, and constructive


Participating in the many events and activities within the Knights of Columbus can be demanding.  Having programs that are fun and entertaining is as important as having programs that are constructive.  In fact, striking a happy balance between work and play is often the difference between a good council and a great council.


Some ideas for engaging and enjoyable council activities include:  golfing outings, bowling nights, softball games, dances, family picnics, an open house.  Perhaps is the anniversary of your council’s charter – why not have a Council Birthday Party and recognize PGKs or the oldest living member?


Our council members aren’t just our brother Knights, they’re our neighbors, friends, and fellow parishioners.  Celebrate your common bond with programs that are entertaining and build on your similarities.  You’ll notice that your council meetings will begin to fill up and your programs will have many more Brothers in attendance.

What has your Council been doing?


Each week the Worthy State Deputy will be recognizing an “Activity of the Week”.  A description of the Council’s activity along with a photograph will be highlighted on the home page of the Virginia Knights of Columbus webpage.  What a great way to recognize your Brother Knights!  Send in your data to get an opportunity to be acknowledged.


Do you have a bowling or golf tournament coming up?  Send a link to so we can help you spread the word.

State Bowling Tournament


Bishop Ireton Council #6189 will be hosting the State Bowling Tournament this fraternal year.  It will be held on Saturday, February 27, 2016 at the Bowl America West in Midlothian, Virginia. Full details in this flyer, and a registration form can be found here.

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