ASKing Catholic men to join

May 7, 2015


Worthy Grand Knights and Brothers All:


I trust you and your Ladies all had a great 115th Annual Meeting this past weekend in Richmond and are now settled back into your home Parishes with a head full of steam focused on completing this Columbian Year with your Councils best efforts ever.


At the meeting I recognized that for the current leadership of our organization this is a 24/7 365 day opportunity to be the absolute best as we continue to serve as Fr. McGivney intended.


To accomplish what we must, requires a strong fraternal organization with the depth in membership to make a difference in people’s lives – this is the way our ministry evangelizes the faith as the Holy Father has asked us  to do. More Brother Knights and families, more round tables or new Councils supporting the new churches  that are popping up across the state, all this expands our capabilities to deliver on our promises.


By evangelizing our faith with creative programs we support our Shepherds and Virginia Dioceses as they continued to be brighter beacons of Catholic faith for the United States, if not the world delivering on our promises.


To best accomplish our mission we must grow the Order and we all know that starts with us ASKing Catholic men to join.


There are several incentive programs in place to award Councils, Districts and individual Brother Knights for doing just that – ASKing a Catholic Gentlemen 18 years of age or older to join the largest Catholic Lay Ministry  to do good works for our church, our families and the communities we live in. The three most notable incentive programs for the next two months includes cash to recruiters from state and Supreme, the Triple Crown council and individual incentive program and the Star Council Incentive program that provides each Star Council Awardee with $4.50 for each Knight on the Council roster at the end of the Columbian year – Right now that is $37,800 dollars back to Virginia Councils. Could be more than $120,000 (if all Councils succeeded).


So, Worthy Grand Knights schedule your 1st degrees. Let your Brother Knights know the date and tell them it is time to ASK that friend or neighbor they know and just haven’t found the time to ASK. There is time for two or more degrees per Council before the end of this Columbian year. Brother Knights across the state have done very well at this so far this Columbian Year.


Judging from our visits, reading newsletters, seeing posts on council, state and supreme websites and our outstanding coverage in the Columbian, and Diocese papers we have - Star Program activities; the stuff great organizations are made of.


You have much to be proud of.


Please work to continue the pace through our Team’s last day – June 30. Then we can rest as the new team takes up the reins.


Traditionally Virginia finishes strong – among the best of the best in the Order because of that attitude, personal commitment and passion for our church and the order.


In my last email to you I said “What has motivated me thus far this year is seeing what is happening in the world and knowing we are making a difference one family, one parish, and one community at a time.” After recalling our many successes thus far at the Annual Meeting it is very clear we are making a difference, a big difference!


Thank you for all you do for your Brother Knights and their families



Be faith in action


Steve Burnley

State Deputy


Recruit One Member Per Council Per Month


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