2016 Young Man of the Year:

Brian Vincent Seimtetz

Brian Vincent Seimtetz is a senior who maintains a 3.75 GPA and has been on the Honor Roll all four years of high school.  He challenges himself with a rigorous schedule of Honors and Advanced Placement courses.


Brian has made many worthwhile contributions to his community and church parish, but he is most recognized for his volunteer work with the youth of his parish as a Youth Leader.  He is the co-chairperson of the Youth Council, lead peer minister of the peer ministry, and a member of the parish council as the Youth Council Co-Chairperson/Youth representative.  As he leads and facilitates Youth Council meetings, he keeps teens ranging in age from 12 to 18 on track and focused and ensures that all age groups are heard.


To our Young Man of the Year, his position as a Youth Leader is more than just a title.  He hopes to set an example to the next generation of Roman Catholics and send the message that their responsibilities as young Catholics does not end with Confirmation but is merely the beginning.


In addition to his role as Youth Leader, Brian volunteers for many parish Stewardship Committee sponsored events.  Whenever the Stewardship Committee Chair needs help, he knows he can count on our Young Man of the Year to always say yes.  He is a yearly volunteer at the parish’s Christmas Tree Lot and supports NEST/CAST as well.  He also helps his mother make rosaries for the Rosary Makers Ministry and has attended the Richmond Diocesan Youth Conference for the past two years.


State Deputy Steve Raschke presents the 2016 Virginia Knights of Columbus Young Man of the Year Award to Brian Vincent Seimtetz as his family looks on

Our Young Man of the Year is an avid fisherman and never turns down the opportunity to teach younger children how to fish.  He volunteers with his family at the Annual Children’s Fishing Clinic.  He knows that what’s most important to the underprivileged children attending the clinic is not that they learned how to fish but that someone not far from their age took the time to spend the entire day with them.


He regularly volunteers his time to help elderly neighbors.  If he sees his elderly neighbor planting flowers, he stops what he’s doing to help her.  After a heavy snow, one will find that his brothers and he have already shoveled the driveways of their 3 elderly neighbors before their own. He has also raked leaves and built hand rails for elderly parishioners within his church.

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