2016 State of Virginia Soccer Shoot-Out Challenge


In the interest of time and travel the State Deputy has authorized a three location State Championship event.  One site will be located in Alexandria, one site in Virginia Beach, and one site in Roanoke. The State Championship event will be conducted on the same day at these locations. In order to determine the State Winners, the criteria below (under tie-breaker) will be used.


Date and Times:


Saturday, October 22: 11:30 - 3:30 (Bishop Ireton High School, 201 Cambridge Road, Alexandria,

                                         Virginia 22314)


Saturday, October 22: 12:30 - 3:30 (Bishop Sullivan High School, 4552 Princess Anne Road, Virginia

                                         Beach, Virginia 23462)


Saturday, October 22: 2:00 - 4:00 (River’s Edge Sport’s Complex, 302 Wiley Dr. SW,

                                         Roanoke, VA 24014)

Basic Information:



1. Up to 9 years of age, 10 & 11 (Boys and Girls Competitions) Ball Size #4

2. 12, 13 & 14 (Boys and Girls Competitions) Ball Size #5



Proof of age must accompany all entry forms. Age eligibility is determined by the age of the contestant as of September 1, 2016. High School athletes should check with their athletic directors regarding possible eligibility conflicts



The Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge is a competition for youths from across the state to demonstrate their soccer skills through shots on goal from the penalty line (12 yards from the goal). Each youth will kick 25 shots on goal (State level).



The goal will be divided into 5 scoring zones. The upper corners (left and right) will be designated as 20 point zones. The lower corners (left and right) will be designated as 10 point zones. The middle or central region will be designated a 5 point zone.


Measuring Zones

The goal will have the overall dimensions of 24 ft long by 8 ft tall. At the mid-point of the 8 ft height on the left and right sides of the goal, take a 7 ft line of string and measure it at a 45 degree angle both down and up to mark off the 20 and 10 point scoring zones for each side. The inside area not portioned off as part of the 45 degree zones will be the middle or central region worth 5 points. See Attachment for a photographic look of above explanation.



Points are awarded dependent upon the area of the scoring zone through which the ball passes. Normal rules of soccer regarding penalty kicks will be enforced by the judges. Scores will be tallied by the judges at the end of each youth’s 25 State level penalty kicks, a score will be tabulated and verified by the judges prior to the next contestant participating. Judges scores are final.  A Sample of scores for State level competition would be 5/10/10/5/20/20/10/5/10/10/5/5/20/20/20/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5/5 for a Final score of 225. All missed shots will result in a score of zero for that kick. All tabulations will be turned in.



Penalty kick violations include stepping on or over the line prior to the kick, and any contact made with the ball counts as a kick. A penalty kick violation will result in a score of 0 (zero) for that particular kick only.




Council and District will follow tie breaker procedures as described in the Official Guide for the Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge.


On-Site State Soccer Challenge (all sites) will follow tie breaker procedures as described in the Official Guide for the Knights of Columbus Soccer Challenge for their sites. If there is a tie between the Region winners, the following tie breaker rules will apply.


Determination of State Champion from the Youth soccer challenge will be decided by:


1. Comparing all score sheets from the three regions by age and gender.


2. If there is a tie in total score in the same age and gender between the Region Winners, the tie-breaker will be based on comparing the competitors with the best scores from shots on goal #25 and if necessary continue through to goal #1 until a winner is declared (the Youth with the highest score at that particular shot, starting with #25 and working backwards will be declared the state champion).  The results will be verified by the Youth State Athletic Events Chairman.


3. If after all 25 shots on goal are compared and the individuals are still tied, a coin will be flipped one time to determine the State Winner. (Heads will go to Tidewater Region, Tails will go to Alexandria Region), or (Heads to Roanoke Region with Tails to Tidewater Region) or

(Heads to Alexandria Region and Tails to Roanoke Region).


4.  Each Area (Alexandria, Roanoke, and Virginia Beach) will turn in the top two score sheets.



1. Trophies will be awarded to the Overall Champion in every age category & gender category for each region. Once the State Champion is determined, name plates will be engraved signifying the individual is recognized as a State Champion. The new State Champion engraved plates will be shipped to the District Winning Deputies to handle the presentations. Presentations should be complete w/in a week of receipt of the new plates. District Deputies, please ensure this happens.


District Deputies:

Please send a list of District Champions to Mark Zaccagnini ( and Tom Schirra ( before October 15, 2016. This should give the respective sites a heads up as to how many competitors will be competing at each site. All Districts from Richmond( and South along I-95) at a minimum (including the eastern shore) should be competing in the Tidewater Region.



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