Grand Knight Jerry Foronda, of  San Lorenzo Council 12378 in Virginia Beach, accepts the 2015 Youth Activity Award from State Deputy Steve Burnley

2015 Youth Activity Award

St. Nino Sinulog Festival 2015

San Lorenzo Council 12378 in Virginia Beach, and its Ladies’ Auxiliary, participated in the Sinulog Festival held at the Church of the Ascension on January 18, 2015. The festival, culminating after a nine day novena, commemorated the Filipino people's pagan origin and their acceptance of the Catholic faith. The festival started with a re-enactment of the Christianization of the Philippines and was followed by a Mass, celebrated by Fr. Jet Garcia.


The mass was followed by a parade, with participants mostly belonging to the youth in their bright colored costumes dancing to the rhythm of native drums and gongs. After the parade, came the blessing of the 'Santo Ninos’, a tribute to The Holy Infant (St. Nino de Cebu); whose statue was discovered unscathed after an entire village was burned to the ground.


The festival provided the Council an avenue to share with the Filipino/ American community youth their rich cultural heritage, which most of them growing up in the United States have not experienced. They were able to provide their youth the experience of the traditional festivities by letting them participate in the drama, and in the dances and parade of the festival. All in all it also provided them, through their common heritage, camaraderie, unity and fraternity amongst each other, hopefully laying foundations for future Knights.

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