2013 Virginia Council Activity of the Year

Father Gerald Musuubire and Bob Maher look over plans for the new medical center with Archbishop Cyprien Lwanga of the Archdiocese of Kampala, Uganda

Bob Maher distributes cotton candy to village children after the groundbreaking.

Saints Peter and Paul Council 11475


This council was the Council Activity of the Year winner at the Virginia state convention in April. In early 2012, council member Bob Maher traveled with the pastor of Saints Peter and Paul Church, Fr. Gerald Musuubire, on a visit back to his home country of Uganda. Bob was struck by the absence of health care facilities, and asked Fr. Musuubire, "What happens to people in the village when they get sick?". The Pastor responded, "They usually die." In fact, it is estimated that 160,000 mothers lose their lives to malaria and during childbirth in Uganda each year.


Not long after Bob Maher returned to Palmyra, he received a letter from the little church in Uganda asking the council’s help in raising funds for a new health care facility. The council responded immediately, planning a series of fundraising events. By December 2012, the council had raised one third of the needed funds.


During a subsequent trip to Uganda in January 2013, council members found that villagers had begun making bricks for use in construction of the new facility, and during their visit, they took part in a ceremonial groundbreaking. Construction has proceeded since then, and the council has continued to raise funds. Completion of the new health care center is anticipated later this year.


Road hazard - A Ugandan longhorn steer impedes passage along the road to the village.

Grand Knight Eddie Griffin and PGK Bob Maher accept the Virginia Council Activity of the Year Award from State Deputy Tommy Harger at the state convention in Roanoke on April 27, 2013.

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