2013 Virginia Church Activity of the Year

Past Grand Knight Roy Francis (center) and District Warden Tim Whitney (right) accept the 2013 Church Activity Award from State Deputy Tommy Harger, on behalf of Fr. Herman J. Veger Council 5561 in Warrenton, Virginia


Fr. Herman J. Veger Council 5561


The miracles started with a phone call that Council Chaplain Fr. James Gould received from his mother, who lives in Staten Island.  She told him "No one’s helping out in Staten Island". He responded, "Mom, I live in Virginia."  After the third time his mother repeated "No one’s helping out in Staten Island", the Fr. Gould called Grand Knight Wayne Berg. That phone call snowballed into a massive effort to move approximately 20 tons of goods from Warrenton, Virginia to Staten Island, N.Y, in the wake of Super Storm Sandy. There were a number of miracles needed to accomplish the task the Chaplin’s mother gave him, but three stand out.


The first was the Knights making an inquiry at a local dealership seeking a truck. The response was that there were no trucks on the lot to suit their needs. The miracle? Somebody actually traded in a 24-foot truck the day after the inquiry. The very next day that truck was in the shop being prepared for the trip. The second miracle was the number of volunteers, 105 council members who expended over 850 man hours, and the 80 community volunteers, who showed up to sort and pack all the material for shipment to New York. The third miracle was the Knights who took it upon themselves to get the word out to the community. But the Knights didn’t stop there, they saw it through in order to make sure this was a successful effort.


This year’s Church Activity was summed up by a parishioner from St. Clare Catholic Church in Staten Island, who said "It’s Jesus Christ coming from your neighborhood to ours."


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